International Business Plan How To

Business Man Holds Globe - International Business Plan How-To

1. Executive Summary As the title says, this is basically a summary for the entire business plan. Even though this part is presented first, it should be written last, after you have finished writing the whole plan. This way, you have a more clear idea about the broader things in your plant that you are … Continue reading


This article explains the main reasons behind the declining trend of personal saving rate in United States for over two decades. “Savings” is defined by setting aside some earned funds and reserving them for future consumption. Regarding Federal Reserve’s Flow of Fund Account (FOF) calculation, the personal saving to disposable income ratio decreased from 10% … Continue reading

The Value of Customer Service: A 5100% ROI Case Study

Good service is good business. If you don’t know the value of great customer service, you might be holding your business back. I don’t mean only in customer satisfaction; I’m also talking about profits. Great service equals great profits. Consider the following experiment that Arthur Hughes of The Database Marketing Institute recently related in his … Continue reading

How to Write Your First Press Release (And Distribute it Too!)


So you find yourself launching a new product, receiving an award, or hosting some community event. The problem is how can you get the word out? Well my friends, it’s time to turn to an honored traditional tool of every business: the press release. No business is too small to write a press release. As … Continue reading

US Economic Forecast

One of the biggest concerns on the mind of average Americans, investors, big businesses and small businesses today is the fear that the US economy will slide back into another recession due to the low economic growth and high unemployment. This fear has kept consumers from spending more money into the economy, and it has … Continue reading

Small Business Accounting Made Easier

One of the most difficult things about starting small businesses, is dealing with the accounting that comes with it. Even then accounting is not something you can learn in one day, and the complexities that go into it, make the job that much harder for small businesses. Accounting systems can sell for hundreds to thousands … Continue reading

Is Mexico a better place to outsource to than China?

For the longest time many multinational companies, considered Mexico to be a great source of labor. It was cheap, close to the US, and had little regulation. But as China opened up, businesses started shifting their operations to China in order to take advantage of even lower labor costs and a government that seemed eager … Continue reading

Trust Issues in Global Trade for Businesses

The world is changing rapidly, at an ever increasing pace. There are many factors contributing to this, but one of the most important is the trend of globalization. Businesses have found new markets to supply and new regions to produce their goods in. Globalization has provided many new benefits to its participants, but these benefits … Continue reading

Small Business Guides: Using Adwords to Increase Profits and Customers

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Perhaps a little history is in order. Recently, I’ve been studying for the Google Adwords professional certification exam. I’ve passed the first exam, which is the basics of using Google’s advertising platform Adwords. I’m currently studying for the second exam. Now, I thought I might share some of what I learned. Adwords is definitely a … Continue reading

3 Ways for Small Businesses to Thrive in any Economic Cycle

1. Always talk to your Customers Always keep in mind, that it is ultimately the customer that is going to be paying for and using your product. It doesn’t take long for businesses to fail in today’s world, especially if they are out of touch with customer needs. There are many ways of going about … Continue reading