How To Use Globial

Globial Logo - How to Use Globial

Since, we launched Globial last week, we have received a number of questions from our users as to how Globial works exactly. One of our writers Sunny Mui put up a very informative response as to how Globial works, what you can use it for, and what are some benefits of using Globial. Here, are some … Continue reading

5 International Trade Terms to Know + A Bonus: Week 4

Earth Lightbulb - International Trade Terms to Know

Welcome back for another installment of International Trade Terms to Know. Last week we looked at international trade terms starting with C.This week we’re looking to learn some D’s. Let’s learn some terms! Note that these terms are culled from our Trade Dictionary on If you’re ever looking to learn something, you can always sign … Continue reading

Are Expectations for Customer Service Getting Higher?

Question - Are Expectations for Customer Service Getting Higher?

Here’s a simple question I’m curious about answering: are customer service expectations getting higher? It certainly seems like people are much more demanding when it comes to customer service in present times. Customers expect to have complementary items, surprise upgrades, and things done 2 seconds ago. They expect something beyond satisfaction–they expect delight. Perhaps it’s … Continue reading

Business in Florida

Florida - Miami - Florida's Business Outlook

The US is a vast a diverse place with 50 states, while it may be diverse geographically, politically and racially. It is also diverse economically, with certain states specializing in different areas. The subprime-mortgage crises hit most states fairly hard, but the pain was unevenly distributed across many states, with some states getting the bulk … Continue reading

India’s Outlook for the Economy and Government

Indian Archway - India's Outlook for the Economy and Government

The Indian economy has come a long way in the past few years, ever since the Indian government decided to open up the economy to private businesses and foreign investors. Since, then the Indian economy has grown at a steadily high rate of growth over the past few decades, when the Indian government lifted the … Continue reading

3 Ways to Overcome Sales Rejection

Brick Wall - 3 Ways to Overcome Sales Obstacles

This post is written by our Sales Director, Procopio Vera. In my last article I wrote about how employers can identify the three key qualities of a good sales representative during the hiring process. Today’s article is specifically aimed for sales representatives. This post will explore strategies in overcoming objection, getting around the gatekeeper (receptionists, … Continue reading

5 International Trade Terms to Know + 3 Bonus Terms: Week 3

Earth Lightbulb - International Trade Terms to Know

Saturday. It’s a good day to relax, unwind, and learn a few new things. Let’s learn some international trade terms shall we? Note that these terms are culled from our Trade Dictionary on If you’re ever looking to learn something, you can always sign up for free on Globial. Not only that, you can … Continue reading

Business and Chopsticks: 10 Chinese Dining Etiquette Tips for the Businessperson

Business happens over meals. The smell, the taste, and the social conviviality of meal times is naturally conducive to discussions and decisions made at chopstick range. Americans aren’t strangers to doing business over food, after all, no person is immune to hunger. According to a survey of 1400 CFO’s by Robert Half Management Resources, the … Continue reading

Four Benefits of Free Trade

Recently there has been much debate in the news on whether the US should strip taxes imposed on imports and exports and agree to free trade terms to selected countries around the world. This has led to both positive and negative reactions. This week’s post discusses four advantages of free trade agreements, next weeks will … Continue reading

How Globial Can Help You

Globial Logo - How to Use Globial

Thank you for reading our blog. In case you did not know, we have just launched our Globial networking site yesterday. Globial is basically a social networking platform for businesses both big and small, as well as a networking site for investors, businessmen, etc. Basically, anyone who is interested in doing business or is interested … Continue reading