How Landing Pages Can Increase Your Online Sales

Landing Plane - How Landing Pages Can Increase Your Sales

The customer is the plane. Do you have a place for them to land?

Landing pages. Many a small business owner has little idea what the phrase means. It’s quite simple really, and we’ll be exploring that in the rest of this post.

If your business has a web presence and uses search engine marketing tools like Google Adwords, then you definitely need to read this guide. Remember that this is just a starting point, definitely check out the excellent resources I’ve posted at the end.

Imagine the following scenario:

A person searches on the Internet for somewhere to buy a digital camera. They see an ad for your electronics store mentioning a promotion of “25% off Select Digital Cameras! Buy Now!” They click on the link, excited to get a deal on a digital camera. The link takes them to your homepage which is filled with pictures of featured products, with only a couple being cameras. They click around, trying to get to the section with the digital cameras on sale. After a few minutes, they become frustrated with the difficulty in finding where the digital camera deals are. They leave your site, you lose that customer, and they form a negative opinion of your business.

You can easily avoid these kinds of customer frustration, increase profits, and boost your marketing return on investment by using landing page optimization.

What’s a Landing Page?

A landing page is the first page a visitor sees after clicking the link in your ad. It’s where the user “lands” after they click on your ad. A landing page isn’t always your home page. It can be a unique page related to a specific ad.

Landing page optimization aims to create effective landing pages.

Benefits of Landing Page Optimization

Some of the major benefits of landing page optimization are:

  • Improved Customer Experience – Customers are more satisfied when they can easily find what they are looking for
  • Increased Sales – If more customers have an easier time purchasing what they are looking for then this translates to more sales
  • Higher Advertising Return-On-Investment – More sales from an ad increases ROI
  • Information on Customers Likes/Dislikes – By experimenting with landing page optimization changes, you can gain information on what your customers like and don’t like

Conducting Effective Landing Page Optimization

An effective landing page will be clear, compelling, and clean.

  1. Clear: Make it clear what the user can do here, what your business is, and how your site interacts with the user’s computer. Be transparent to earn the user’s trust
  2. Compelling: Attract users, get them to take action now. Use relevant and original content to do this. For example, if they clicked your ad looking for camera deals, give them a landing page with time sensitive deals on cameras that you offer and make sure the buy button clearly marked. Always keep your promises
  3. Clean: Your landing page should be easy to navigate by giving the user easy ways to find what they are looking for and it should load quickly instead of making the user wait to see what your site is about. Don’t give them hundreds of unrelated choices to confuse them, point them to a specific action you want them to take

With landing page optimization, each element on should have a specific purpose. Remember that form follows function. If something is distracting your customers from achieving their goals on your website, eliminate the distraction.

Landing page optimization is about seeing your website from your customers’ eyes. Remember that what matters to you may not matter to the customer. Imagine the kind of customer who will reach your landing page and tailor it accordingly. Consider making changes, experiment with the different elements on your page, and measure whether the changes lead to improved performance. You can also try experimenting with your competitors’ landing page designs. If you are using Google Adwords, you can use the Website Optimizer tool to measure performance and test different page variations. Allow time for enough data to accumulate before you make a judgement, at least 2 weeks.

Keep in mind that time is valuable. Don’t waste the users time with unnecessarily long forms or useless surveys. If it’s hard for users to do what they want, they are highly unlikely to do it. Don’t build moats around your website pages. Landing page optimization considers the value of time

Remember the golden rule of landing page optimization: Always Be Testing.

Don’t assume you know what works best. Landing page optimization isn’t a guessing game. Test your pages so you can be sure. Build from evidence, not opinion. That’s the key to landing page optimization effectiveness.


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This article originally appeared on a previous blog I managed, RealWebHostingReviews.


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