How Globial Can Help You

Thank you for reading our blog. In case you did not know, we have just launched our Globial networking site yesterday. Globial is basically a social networking platform for businesses both big and small, as well as a networking site for investors, businessmen, etc. Basically, anyone who is interested in doing business or is interested in business affairs should consider signing up for our site. It is completely free, and anyone can join it. Think of us as a Facebook for businesses and business minded people, and just like how Facebook tries to help individuals connect with one another, we strive to make it easier for businesses to connect with one another.

This help takes many forms. We have worked hard to make our networking platform as open and conducive to conversation, as possible. We regularly post new information on current business trends, economic outlooks, as well as Small Business How-to-guides on our website. This is in addition to the other business information we regularly post on our blog. Our economic experts are always willing to provide you advice on any questions you may have about the economy or any other kind of business questions, all you have to do is email us. But some of you may still be wondering what can Globial really do for you that the multitude of social networks out there can’t.

Facebook is a networking site, which mainly caters to individuals. And while it does allow businesses to make a page (We also have a FB page), it does not really give businesses or business minded people much of an environment to interact with one another. LinkedIn is another site that businesses use, but once again its a site that mainly business professionals use. Twitter is a website for people who are mainly interested in following another person or entity, but it does not allow for too much interaction. So what kind of tool can small businesses use to get in touch with one another?

That’s where Globial comes in. We realize that small businesses don’t usually have the resources to connect with other small businesses half way across the world. For example, if a small business in Canada wants to find a toy manufacturer to buy from in a country like Vietnam, it is very difficult to do this without spending a lot of money getting in touch with a local business broker. That is why we are offering Globial as a mutual platform where Business A can look up Business B and get in better touch with another, regardless of distance or resources. Globial is all about fostering trust, we realize that companies only do business with other companies they trust. So our goal is to facilitate that trust, and what better to build trust than to engage in a conversation with the other party. That is the kind of conversation we aim to promote. So whether you are interested in business, are a business owner, or are simply curious about local business trends; feel free to take a look at our site. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at, or any of the other Globial staff at

-Jay Zadey


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