5 International Trade Terms to Know + 3 Bonus Terms: Week 3

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Saturday. It’s a good day to relax, unwind, and learn a few new things. Let’s learn some international trade terms shall we?

Note that these terms are culled from our Trade Dictionary on www.globial.com. If you’re ever looking to learn something, you can always sign up for free on Globial. Not only that, you can also ask questions, find new business opportunities, and network with other businesses!

When you’re just starting out as an international business, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the unfamiliar lingo and words used in the global trade. That’s why we’re here, bringing you 5 trade terms every week to help build your foundation, increase your knowledge, and help you get an edge on a global scale.

Last week, for 5 International Trade Terms to Know we did the B’s. Today, let’s do some C’s:

Cabotage : A term used to refer to the transport of goods or passengers between two points in the same country by a transport vehicle that is registered in another country. (Ex. If I take a British Airways flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, that would be considered cabotage, because British Airways is registered in the UK)

Cairns Group : A group of 19 agricultural exporting countries aimed at promoting global trade in regards to agricultural produce.

Call : A demand of payment on a loan that usually occurs as a result of non-compliance on the part of the borrower to the term and conditions of the loan.

Call in a Contract : A demand of payment on a contract.

Call Money : A loan given to a party by a bank that has to be re-payable on demand.

And just because we care about our readers so much, we’re giving you 3 bonus international trade terms to learn! Now isn’t that nice of us?

Call Option : The right to buy a fixed amount of a commodity, security, or currency from the option writer at a predetermined rate within a specified time limit.

Calvo Doctrine : The principle that jurisdiction in international investment disputes lies with the country in which the investment is located. This means that investors must take action through local courts.

Camber : A term used to designate a slight upward curve at the center of the surface on a road or a ship’s deck.

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