3 Ways to Overcome Sales Rejection

This post is written by our Sales Director, Procopio Vera.

Brick Wall - 3 Ways to Overcome Sales Obstacles

Break down the walls

In my last article I wrote about how employers can identify the three key qualities of a good sales representative during the hiring process. Today’s article is specifically aimed for sales representatives. This post will explore strategies in overcoming objection, getting around the gatekeeper (receptionists, for example) and meeting with the actual decision maker.

Overcoming Objection

Have you ever felt as if everyone you talked to said “NO”! You’re probably thinking “It’s their fault they can’t see the benefit of my product.”Actually, the  truth is that it’s your fault. It’s your fault that you can’t make the prospect believe you. It’s your fault that they doubt you. The prospect was interested in when he met you–why else accept a meeting–but right when you opened your mouth, their mind went somewhere else. Its not about what you said, but how you said it. The tone in your voice clearly shows whether you believe in the product yourself, or if you’re only selling to make a buck. The best way to overcome objection is to take it as a lesson.

Correcting yourself and learning from your rejections will help you the next time you’re objected.

The Gate Keeper

Welcome to the world of sales, my friend. There is always a gatekeeper no matter where you go. Whether it’s a bouncer at a club or St. Peter when you get to heaven, they are everywhere. They’re not the nicest people in the world either. They are the first ones to tell you whether or not someone in the company will be interested in your product.

Here’s my advice, DON’T EVER LISTEN TO THE GATE KEEPER! You’re in sales, they are not. The last thing they sold to anyone was a fake “hello” when the boss of the company walked in that morning.  A receptionist’s job is to greet guests and answer phone calls. Many of them seem to forget their core purpose after being on the job for too long. In case you run into a disagreeable gate keeper, here are some tips and tricks to get around them:

Always Be Nice

You should always be nice to the gatekeeper, from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. If you’re too pushy in meeting with someone they will either call security or the cops. Ask them their name right when you walk in. They don’t care about your name. They’re interested in what you are doing there. They’re not going to go home that night and tell their spouse “A gentleman named Jeff walked in this morning.” Even a little hello can mean a lot to a person.

Ask For Someone In Sales

You might be wondering, “Why do I want to talk to another guy like myself? He’s going to try to sell me something!” Asking to speak to someone in sales in one of the smartest things you can ever do. Automatically, someone will come out, introduce themselves to you, take you all around the building, and even tell you where they went to school. They will also do one thing, they will take you to the decision maker. This is your perfect chance to grab his business card, and call him back a week later.

Do your homework

When trying to meet with the decision maker always make sure you do your homework. Read about them, study them online, add them on a social network, just make sure you know enough about them to keep a conversation going for a long time if you ever talk to them.

If you know they are into sports watch a few foot ball games before trying to meet with them. If you know he loves ballet, visit a show or two, or three. If you know they drive a Hummer talk to them about how much you wish you had a bigger car. Knowing someone better than they know themselves is the key to a success in a sales relationship.


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