What is Globial?

We envision a world where small businesses everywhere can trust each other and trade globally. Our headquarters is in Sunnyvale, California.

Globial is a business networking platform that is committed to helping small businesses engage in global trade more easily and with greater trust. Our platform combines research tools, networking capabilities, and user created content. We aim to create opportunities for anyone interested in global trade by empowering users to easily find information and connect with businesses anywhere in the world. Ultimately, we want every relevant business opportunity to be delivered directly to each user, whenever and wherever they may be.

Our user generated Tradebook offers a community for users to directly ask and answer questions, a forum to post buying leads, and a trade dictionary to look up unfamiliar terms. Users can learn from each other, share information, and demonstrate their expertise. Combined with the networking capabilities of our platform, Globial offers a business to business marketplace built on trust, communication, and relationships.

We hope to create a place for the world’s many and diverse small businesses to establish long lasting relationships with each other. Our community is constantly expanding with new users establishing connections everyday. We are passionate about our platform and our users; we are continually updating, upgrading, and improving our platform to better serve users. In addition, our platform is constantly being extended by our user development community.

Join Globial today. It’s easy, simple, and completely free.


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