US Economic Outlook Feb 2012

The US economy has come a long way from 2008, when the Lehman crises took the rug right out from underneath private sector. According, to various economic forecasts, it seems the US economy is back on the path of growth again. According to the US Dept of Commerce, The unemployment rate dropped to 8.3 percent and … Continue reading

Business in Florida

Florida - Miami - Florida's Business Outlook

The US is a vast a diverse place with 50 states, while it may be diverse geographically, politically and racially. It is also diverse economically, with certain states specializing in different areas. The subprime-mortgage crises hit most states fairly hard, but the pain was unevenly distributed across many states, with some states getting the bulk … Continue reading

Four Benefits of Free Trade

Recently there has been much debate in the news on whether the US should strip taxes imposed on imports and exports and agree to free trade terms to selected countries around the world. This has led to both positive and negative reactions. This week’s post discusses four advantages of free trade agreements, next weeks will … Continue reading

Should A Small Business or Start Up Be Formed As A Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, or Corporation?

Business Going Up - Should a Small Business be a LLC, Partnership, or Corporation

This article focuses on the four major business entities that function within the United States and the world: A Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, and Corporation, and the advantages and disadvantages entrepreneurs should consider when deciding what type of entity their business should function as. The different types of businesses will be defined and evaluated in order … Continue reading


This article explains the main reasons behind the declining trend of personal saving rate in United States for over two decades. “Savings” is defined by setting aside some earned funds and reserving them for future consumption. Regarding Federal Reserve’s Flow of Fund Account (FOF) calculation, the personal saving to disposable income ratio decreased from 10% … Continue reading

US Economic Forecast

One of the biggest concerns on the mind of average Americans, investors, big businesses and small businesses today is the fear that the US economy will slide back into another recession due to the low economic growth and high unemployment. This fear has kept consumers from spending more money into the economy, and it has … Continue reading

Will Obama’s Jobs plan really work?

President Obama has recently been touring around the country, sounding out his new jobs plan to Americans. But many new questions have been raised on whether this would really be effective or just a waste of time and a drain of resources. The overall tone of Americans towards the US government has generally been of … Continue reading

American Economic Outlook, Where we were and Where we are going

The American economy for the past few year or so has been in a constant post-recession funk. This has been for a number of years, but most economists label this as a post-sub prime mortgage hangover. The American consumer engaged in binge spending into the follow up to the 2008 financial crises, by buying houses … Continue reading