Save Money and Boost Service with Hosted Contact Centers for Small Business: A Better Way to Beat the Big Guys

Call Center Agent - Save Money and Boost Service with a Hosted Contact Center

Every business wants to beat the competition. It’s necessary not just for survival, but for leadership. There’s also nothing quite like the pride that comes from seeing the business you’ve started grow and thrive. For small businesses everywhere, there’s no understating the impact that small business has on people’s lives. For example, according to the … Continue reading

Are Expectations for Customer Service Getting Higher?

Question - Are Expectations for Customer Service Getting Higher?

Here’s a simple question I’m curious about answering: are customer service expectations getting higher? It certainly seems like people are much more demanding when it comes to customer service in present times. Customers expect to have complementary items, surprise upgrades, and things done 2 seconds ago. They expect something beyond satisfaction–they expect delight. Perhaps it’s … Continue reading

Do You Know Your Customer Touch Points?

Blue Hand Reaching - Do You Know Your Customer Touch Points?

Do you think the only interactions a customer has with your company is through your customer service agents and sales? Unfortunately, there are numerous overlooked touch points where a customer will interact with your company. Most businesses put huge amounts of effort into public facing elements like advertising, press releases, or sales presentations. Unfortunately, you … Continue reading

Language Barriers (3 Ways to Overcome Them in Business)

The world is a diverse place with a huge diversity of languages. While English may the dominant language in the global business environment, it does not mean that everyone who engages in business, automatically knows how to speak it. There are many subtleties to different language communication, and some of these tools do a better job at translating then … Continue reading