How to Get Customers with Seminars, Speaking, and Workshops

Business Learning - How to Get Customers With Seminars, Speaking, and Word-of-Mouth - Business People Handing Papers to Each Other

I’m sure you’ve hit the old roadblock–how can you get business and gain customers without a huge budget to spend on advertising? Simple, just speak up. Teach something to people. Nothing elevates you in the eyes of potential customers like being a source of information–of value–for them. If you write the book on your business … Continue reading

How Landing Pages Can Increase Your Online Sales

Landing Plane - How Landing Pages Can Increase Your Sales

Landing pages. Many a small business owner has little idea what the phrase means. It’s quite simple really, and we’ll be exploring that in the rest of this post. If your business has a web presence and uses search engine marketing tools like Google Adwords, then you definitely need to read this guide. Remember that … Continue reading