Sourcing from Asia & Avoiding Middlemen

Factory - Sourcing in Asia & Avoiding Middlemen

Editor’s note: Today’s post is written by David Fisher of Asia Quality Focus, an inspection and auditing firm focusing on Asia.  Sourcing from Asia, whether it be China, India, Bangladesh or Southeast Asia, has become a necessary step for most companies to offer competitive prices. While many companies with serious resources can put money into … Continue reading

Trade in Colombia (Economic Policies and Opportunities)

Building in Bogota, Colombia - Trade in Colombia

The US recently signed a new trade agreement with the Colombian government. As  a result, this agreement should open up a lot more opportunities for businesses to invest in the Colombian economy. With the high rate of growth in the Colombian economy and the possibility of another global economic downturn, foreign businesses should consider Colombia … Continue reading

Trade In Nepal (Economic Policies and Opportunities)

Nepalese Bangles - Trade in Nepal

Nepal may not be among the best known of trading centers in Asia, but there are many reasons why certain businesses should consider trade in Nepal. Since, 1951 the Nepali government has worked hard to liberalize the country’s economy, by improving transportation and communication facilities, as well as industry and agriculture. The Nepali government has … Continue reading