How to Get Customers with Seminars, Speaking, and Workshops

Business Learning - How to Get Customers With Seminars, Speaking, and Word-of-Mouth - Business People Handing Papers to Each Other

I’m sure you’ve hit the old roadblock–how can you get business and gain customers without a huge budget to spend on advertising? Simple, just speak up. Teach something to people. Nothing elevates you in the eyes of potential customers like being a source of information–of value–for them. If you write the book on your business … Continue reading

Business and Chopsticks: 10 Chinese Dining Etiquette Tips for the Businessperson

Business happens over meals. The smell, the taste, and the social conviviality of meal times is naturally conducive to discussions and decisions made at chopstick range. Americans aren’t strangers to doing business over food, after all, no person is immune to hunger. According to a survey of 1400 CFO’s by Robert Half Management Resources, the … Continue reading

The 3 Most Important Qualities to Look For When Hiring a Salesperson

Sales Team - The 3 Most Important Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Salesperson

In any company, the department that plays the most valuable role in growth is the Sales Team.  Your sales team is what’s going to drive your company into the future. If you put together a great sales team, you will see substantial growth. After doing sales for over 10 years, you tend to pick up … Continue reading

Finding a Web Host for Your Small Business: 9 Common Web Hosting Technologies Demystified

World Wide Web - Finding a Web Host for Your Small Business: 9 Common Web Hosting Technologies Demystified

So you’ve decided to take your business online. You’ve got a website ready, but where do you put it? You need a web host, a place where your website is stored so that people on the internet can view it. The problem is finding the right one. Web hosting technology can be a confusing world. … Continue reading

Chinese Business Etiquette

Shanghai at night - Chinese Business Etiquette

China’s emergence as one of the top economic powers has created an influx of interest by foreign businesses looking to expand their operations in Asia. This article highlights some business etiquettes that should and should not be practiced when doing business in China. Dress appropriately Men and women should both dress conservatively and avoid certain … Continue reading

Language Barriers (3 Ways to Overcome Them in Business)

The world is a diverse place with a huge diversity of languages. While English may the dominant language in the global business environment, it does not mean that everyone who engages in business, automatically knows how to speak it. There are many subtleties to different language communication, and some of these tools do a better job at translating then … Continue reading

How Landing Pages Can Increase Your Online Sales

Landing Plane - How Landing Pages Can Increase Your Sales

Landing pages. Many a small business owner has little idea what the phrase means. It’s quite simple really, and we’ll be exploring that in the rest of this post. If your business has a web presence and uses search engine marketing tools like Google Adwords, then you definitely need to read this guide. Remember that … Continue reading

Should A Small Business or Start Up Be Formed As A Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, or Corporation?

Business Going Up - Should a Small Business be a LLC, Partnership, or Corporation

This article focuses on the four major business entities that function within the United States and the world: A Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, and Corporation, and the advantages and disadvantages entrepreneurs should consider when deciding what type of entity their business should function as. The different types of businesses will be defined and evaluated in order … Continue reading

International Business Plan How To

Business Man Holds Globe - International Business Plan How-To

1. Executive Summary As the title says, this is basically a summary for the entire business plan. Even though this part is presented first, it should be written last, after you have finished writing the whole plan. This way, you have a more clear idea about the broader things in your plant that you are … Continue reading

How to Write Your First Press Release (And Distribute it Too!)


So you find yourself launching a new product, receiving an award, or hosting some community event. The problem is how can you get the word out? Well my friends, it’s time to turn to an honored traditional tool of every business: the press release. No business is too small to write a press release. As … Continue reading