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We’re the official business blog for Globial.

Here you can find insights, analysis, how-to guides, and other interesting reads for small businesses, entrepreneurs, or anyone who’s just interested in business. Our goal is to be the #1 resource for practical, usable small business advice.

Sunny Mui Profile PictureSunny Mui – Editor and Writer

Sunny enjoys writing about marketing and whatever business topic catches his fancy. He has led Globial’s online marketing, social media, and communications efforts since joining Globial in September. Sunny graduated with honors from San Francisco State University. He holds a BS in Business Administration: Marketing Concentration and a BA in English Literature. Sunny was part of the campus Marketing Association and was selected as one of the finalists for Outstanding Marketing Student of the Year 2010. He is currently enrolled in the Project Management program at UC Berkeley. Prior to Globial, he managed multiple websites and social media accounts at Gate 58, an online lead generation and brand building marketing firm. He enjoys volunteering with the Red Cross, reading, writing, and cooking.

Jay Zadey – International Business Writer

Jay enjoys examining the implications of the economy and current events on small businesses. He writes regularly on issues affecting businesses and national economies. Jay is a Business Management Economics major from UC Santa Cruz, where he is currently working on minors in Information Systems and Politics. Prior to Globial, he used to work at Congresswoman Fiona Ma’s office at City Hall in San Francisco, where he was involved in creating various policy proposals. He is interested in reading about technological, economical, and political trends that are affecting the planet today. In his spare time, he likes listening to music, playing sports with friends, and reading.

Brenden Johnson – Business Writer

Brenden is interested in various areas of business including shipping, sales, and accounting. He examines these areas regularly and offers cogent advice for the small business owner. He is a Marketing Analyst at Globial. Since being with the company he has produced content used within Globial’s website, established contacts for press generation, and implemented marketing strategies. Brenden graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2010. During his time there he was involved in various organizations including the water polo club team, the ski and alpine team, and the environmental affairs board. He is interested in how internet technology can change the way people around the world trade products and business information, creating long lasting relations. He is also interested in golfing, skiing, and swimming. Brenden is currently working to get his certificate to practice business in Chinese.

Procopio Vera – Sales Writer

Procopio is interested in writing about everything sales. With the founding of two companies under his belt he has the skills and understanding of the Silicon Valley method of business. Even before graduating high school, Procopio was already successfully managing accounts and conducting sales. Prior to Globial, he was directly managing twenty people at an industrial services company. During his career, he increased sales at the companies he founded by 200% in a two year period. With his years of sales experience, he is a key asset and leader to Globial’s sales force. Some people even say he has the ability to “sell water to a fish.” He enjoys being with family, hiking, and working on cars.

Brandon Romero – Technology Writer

Brandon is interested in the ways emerging technologies are affecting the way business is conducted. He writes regularly on the way technology can be leveraged for small businesses. Brandon enjoys learning about new, emerging technologies and is particularly interested in the ways that these technologies can be
leveraged for small businesses. Prior to Globial, he worked on several social media marketing initiatives at 1 Million by 1 Million, an online startup incubator that aims to help one million entrepreneurs reach one million in annual revenue. Brandon is currently in his second year as an undergraduate student at Stanford University where he is working towards a B.S. in Management Science and Engineering with a minor in computer science. At Stanford, Brandon is actively involved with several entrepreneurial-related programs on campus and is also in charge of a youth mentorship and outreach program. Brandon is very interested in observing how new technology allows people from all around the world to connect and interact instantaneously. In his free time, he also enjoys snowboarding, playing the drums, reading philosophy, and going on road trips.

Umut Yildirim – Contributing Writer

Umut Yildirim is the founder and the CEO of Globial. Prior to Globial, he worked for a number of diverse international small and mid-size businesses in senior level executive positions. During his career, he experienced and analyzed the problems related to global trade. He is extremely passionate about SMEs, strategy management, the economy, and internet communication. He holds a BSc. in Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and an MBA from the Barney School of Business. In 2002, Umut was awarded with Prof. Kakac Scholarship for his educational achievement. In 2006, he was selected as a European Union Scholar to pursue studies at the University of Florence. In his spare time, he enjoys running in Silicon Valley and playing Go as well as chess.

Stephen Bishop – Social Media Expert

Stephen’s main area of focus at Globial is all things Social Media. Having worked in several start up companies in the past, Stephen became addicted to the tech industry and even more so with Social Media. 99% of Stephen’s waking hours are spent in the timelines of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and countless other Social Media sites. Did we mention he never sleeps?

Lynn Prudencio – Design Consultant

Since joining the team in September 2011, Lynn has provided usability consulting in addition to creating the look and feel of the Globial brand. Lynn holds a BA in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science from UCLA and is currently pursuing an MFA in Web Design and New Media at the Academy of Art University. She has 5 years of web design, front-end development, and marketing communications experience. Prior to Globial, she helped execute the communications strategy for one of the world’s leading integrative medicine centers and provided user experience consulting for other web applications. She also worked with the Google Webmaster Team to create, maintain, and launch B2C webpages including g.co, mobile.google.com pages, google.com/checkin, Google Voice and more. Lynn enjoys music, video games, modular origami, and finding new ways to entertain her two cats, Blue and Ellie.

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